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MaryEllen Gibson : Your Perfect Internet Marketing Director


Are you looking for a veteran online marketing director to be responsible for leading and directing staff in:
1. Acquisition and retention marketing efforts designed to drive web site traffic and sales. These include paid and natural search, affiliate programs, partnership marketing/content integration programs, email marketing acquisition and retention programs, product data Feed driven programs such as Amazon and other media-based business building activities.
2. Managing and merchandising the Company website. These activities include visual merchandising, product merchandising, site navigation and shopability, transaction processing, onsite promotion management and site Analytics.
3. Developing and executing an online customer acquisition plan designed to maximize site traffic and sales demand.
4. Maximizing paid/natural search traffic and order Conversion, while meeting cost per acquisition targets.
5. Directing interactive agency marketing and media campaigns to meet business performance objectives.
6. Executing effective affiliate programs/publisher management activities to achieve business development goals.
7. Tracking and measure online advertising programs; designing Test strategies and creative to optimize results.
8. Ensuring effective creative development and execution to support program and media efforts.
9. Web Site Design and Growth Management

Is this is your job description:

      In this high visibility position, we will look to you to you to manage new and existing online business ventures for the company. You will work closely with senior management to define and implement new content distribution, syndication, sales strategies and partnerships. You will oversee the functioning of existing and transitional systems to ensure effective departmental operations and the meeting of objectives. You will manage the development of new projects and track and report on progress against deliverables and commitments. Your ability to effectively manage resources and establish priorities for completing new initiatives will be critical for the success of the organization.
      A strong Emphasis and commitment to providing exceptional customer service is imperative. Thorough and expert knowledge of online merchandising/marketing and e-commerce systems are essential as well as a strong background in web metrics, analytics and SEO/SEM. A proven innovator with an entrepreneurial spirit is desirable.

Then you need to look no further
MaryEllen Gibson